Our legend range of 750ml bottles showcase the best of our brewing skill. Based on our core range, but packed with more hops, malt and flavour these are designed to be shared and savoured. Chuck out that bottle of red and stick these in the middle of your table instead!

Bottle packs are available for delivery or pickup via our online shop.

TH LegThoroughbred Legend 750ml 6.5%
Hops, hops and more hops. But this beer isn’t a one dimensional hop bomb – it’s perfectly balanced as well. Lively and summery, with a refreshing fresh hop aroma and great body – it’s a beer that delivers on every level.
Available in packs of 6 x 750ml bottles
Nightmare Legend 750ml 6.5%
At Hambleton we love malt as much as we love hops. And Nightmare Legend shows exactly why. Marris Otter, Roasted Barley, Crystal and Chocolate Malts form the silky backbone of this smooth, strong Porter. There’s no harshness like some; just biscuity richness and gorgeously decadent dark caramel flavours.
Available in packs of 6 x 750ml bottles