At Hambleton Ales we just want to do one simple thing – to make great beer. And when Nick’s cousin was diagnosed with Coeliac disease, he realised that there were many people who couldn’t enjoy a refreshing pint. He therefore decided to make great beer that could be enjoyed by everyone, even those who needed to avoid gluten.

Bottle packs (16 x 500ml bottles) are available for delivery or pickup via our online shop.

Gluten Free Ale

The UK’s first gluten free beer, and we would say still the best, having been voted Europe’s Best Gluten Free Beer at the World Beer Awards. A tawny ale with aromas of Cascade, Liberty and Challenger hops.
Gluten Free Lager 5.2%

A lighter and paler beer, mainly for those that enjoy an easy drinking premium lager rather than an ale. Uniquely balanced and best served chilled.
As Good As Gold

As Good As Gold is now called Stud Blonde.
Stud Blonde

Stud is our bestselling, easy drinking golden blonde suitable for all drinkers. It is now available in bottles and in cask. Tell your local pub to get one in! Or if you live close to the brewery, why not order a party cask.