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Hambleton Ales specialise in low volume beer and cider kegging of runs between 5 and 50 barrels (830 to 8250 litres). Packaging can be split between kegs and bottles. Our brewery, keg filling equipment and all procedures are fully accredited to the latest Salsa standards, and we are subject to ongoing independent auditing and checks, meaning you can be assured that your brand is in good hands.


Stainless steel kegs are washed and sterilised on the fully automated unit followed immediately with filling of beer. The beer can be unfiltered or filtered to brewer’s specification. Carbonation and ‘nitro’ levels can also be specified.

The line is suitable for 30 or 50 litre stainless steel kegs, with various fittings. One trip kegs, such as Key-Keg or Doliums, can also be accommodated depending on customer requirements. Hambleton Ales are also able to provide Keg Star Kegs from stock to registered Keg Star customers.


In addition, Hambleton Ales can now fill 5L Huber Mini Kegs. These can be filled as part of a dedicated 5bbl or 10bbl run, or alternatively small volumes can be produced as part of a larger volume bottling or kegging run. Please contact us for more details.