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Hambleton Ales specialise in low volume bottling of runs between 5 and 20 barrels (830 to 3300 liters). We are specifically setup to ensure high quality handling and processing of beer and cider, with storage on site to allow up to 2 weeks conditioning at -1 degrees before packaging.

Stabilisation is typically carried out by cold sterile filtration, however other filtration levels are available depending on brewers requirements for the finished product.

Our brewery, packaging equipment and all procedures are fully accredited to the latest Salsa standards, and we are subject to ongoing independent auditing and checks, meaning you can be assured that your brand is in good hands.

The line is comprised of conditioning tanks, sheet filters, cartridge filters, carbonator, labeller, filler, dryers and shrink wrapping unit. 330ml and 500ml bottles with self adhesive single wrap around or front and back labels are available. Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is accommodated and, if required, the SIBA generic tray can be purchased.

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The filling line is primed from a specialist carbonator made in the Czech Republic. The bottles are pre-labelled to avoid condensation impairing the quality of application of the label and are pre-rinsed with sterile water. Oxygen is removed via a unique dedicated de-ox turret prior to filling, automatic self-levelling of the bottle gives consistent fill levels and thereafter crowning and drying of the caps ensures the finish of the bottle presented to the shrink wrapping unit.

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Our Code of Practice details everything for your consideration and we will be pleased to forward it and our prices on your request to